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House typical of the "Sassi", dates from the thirteenth century and is located in the district of "Civita" (from the Latin civitas-civitatis, city). This is the oldest part of: a rocky spur which separates the two District Sassi (Sasso Barisano and Caveoso), on whose top there is the Cathedral.

The holiday home "Il Lamione" is located in Sasso Barisano, in Piazza Duomo and just to the left of the cathedral.
Part of a beautiful neighborhood, it is accessed through a romantic arch next to the historic "Via Riscatto" (Redemption Road)

The alley to the left of the cathedral was so named, after the murder of Count Gian Carlo Tramontano, which occurred December 29, 1514, at the hands of the populace exasperated by taxes, excises, as well as continuing abuses by the imposition of the "Jus de seigneur".

On December 29, 1514 marks the victory (and then THE REDEMPTION) of the people and the fall of the tyrant.

He has given assurance of this tragedy through an incision at the base of a pillar of the church of San Giovanni Battista, which reads: 29 DEC DIE INTERFECTUS EST COMES ...

This news is also reported on the fresco in the Cathedral recently discovered.



Holiday house