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il lamione

The holiday home "The Lamione" is in the heart of the historic city center.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and Via del Corso are just a few steps away and easily reachable on foot through a path full of fascinating sights with breathtaking panoramic views of the Sasso Barisano.

Walking through the city streets you can admire churches, museums, historic and cultural heritage as well, for those who love shopping, beautiful shops.

The holiday home "The Lamione" is available for short and long stays. Arranged on a surface of 70 square meters.

It is equipped with:

- No. 1 bathroom with shower and tub

- No. 4 beds

- Kitchen in stone

- Linen supplied


Why Lamione?

The Lamione (LAMBJòN in dialect of Matera) is the typical architectural structure of the Sassi of Matera.

In the original model and simplified structure consists of a room lit by a single opening and represents an extension (in fact, grows mainly in length) of the house - underground cave.

Characterized by a barrel vault and supported by massive side walls of stone, can be fully excavated or partially excavated and built.

Mute witness, who by his proud beauty, shows how the structure and essential historic is able to dominate the evolution of architecture and the passage of time.